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A week at BeCode. Day 6: Should I stay or should I go

Today Xavi invited me to attend a lecture he was imparting at UPV as part of the course in Agile Methodologies. He talked about Implementation Patters, which turns out to be one of his favorite books (the other one being Refactoring). It now next on my reading list (and it should be in yours too!).

From there we went to the old town and did a small touring visit on our way to the Central Market, where we met Luis. We bought some food there, and went to cook it at Xavi’s, where Luis kindly prepared it for all of us. He also told us about some of his marketing strategy for Harveys and his plans to go to the Alps this Summer for a month of bike trainning.

It was also amusing to get to know Xavi a bit better through his flat and belongings. All the books, the dust, the paintings he and his girlfried draw, the stuff he collects, the music, his punchbag, the furniture…

While Luis had an nap, we spent the rest of the afternoon knowing each other, talking about our past, present and foreseeable future. The time flied and I had to part ways to get my stuff ready for the leave.

I feel sad to go. These guys made me feel so at home and I enjoyed this week so much, I’d love to stay longer.

Thank you!