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A week at BeCode. Day 3: Psycho Killer

Today I met Aitor, the last member of the BeCode family. I spent the morning improving Cuore.js with Xavi. It was great fun, pairing and laughing in a relaxed atmosphere. At some point, Xavi explained us the etymology of his surname, and how it shared roots with the word “hostile”.

In the afternoon, we received the visit of Connor, a prospective client. They had an open conversation of what they expected from each other to see if they would fit well, and setting the stage on the ways in which they want (and especially the ones they don’t want) to work.

In the evening I went to grab some beers with Xavi and Miguel Ángel and then to have dinner with Emma. We chatted about desksurfing, salaries and contracts. With the help of a few more beers I managed to get her from giving me the look to mmokay. Tough one!