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rails.start 1.month.ago

It has been one month since I started doing ruby and Rails at work, so I thought I’d share my experiences so far.

Here’s a list of the things I’ve had to deal with this month:

  • git
  • ruby
  • rails
  • rvm
  • rubygems
  • bundler
  • homebrew
  • rspec
  • cucumber
  • capybara
  • guard
  • spork
  • jenkins
  • log4r
  • rest-client
  • delayed_job
  • rake
  • capistrano
  • foreman
  • daemons

You can tell I’ve been busy :D.


Here are some resources I’ve found useful in my journey so far.


  • Ruby on Rails Tutorial, an awesome introductory book for Rails. It teaches you about many of the things in the list above.


  • Programming Ruby 1.9. The ruby book. For those who want to gain in-depth knowledge of the language.

  • For hands-on ruby learning, try rubykoans and rubymonk. They are interactive online tutorials guiding you in the inners of ruby.


  • The RSpec Book. A must read. It teaches you how to do BDD/TDD right. Totally recommended even if you don’t program in ruby.


  • If you are new to git, I recommend you to read Pro Git.
  • For a more reference to-the-point style, check Git Reference
  • Finally, for a learn-by-example guide, visit Git immersion